It ain’t Over till it’s Over  まだすべてが終わったわけじゃない

It ain’t Over till it’s Over まだすべてが終わったわけじゃない

One of the hardest times in life is when you have to fight your own thoughts, somewhere between following others, running in a rat race you lose yourself, you might feel that you have reached a breaking point and feel like there’s nothing left to fight for, there are times when you feel like giving all up , you want to let everything go at that moment. just remember one thing when you hit the rock bottom, there’s only one way left to go, Up!!!

In this big bad world, everyone one is dealing with some sort of difficulties some are dealing with loneliness, some are dealing with financial issues or illness, some have carried a Huge burden on their small shoulders but this is what life is all about, you have to search for your own happiness,

I found my happiness in learning Japanese, working with such amazing people of Japanese interfaces India…so if you feel like the doors are closed, just believe in yourself because the only person who can help you is You.
If you can breathe you can crawl!!
If you can crawl you can stand!!
If you can stand you can Fight!!
You may feel suffocated, you might have scars, you are probably sick of hearing ‘things will get better‘ because it seems like it’s getting worse, you are afraid, to tell the truth, cause you feel you’ll lose them, things suck right now, you daily feel struggling to rise from bed, your pillows have seen your tears all night but each morning you have to wake up for the people you love, things will not change overnight it does take time but the point is how strong you make yourself to deal with all those problems in your life.

If you are breathing today just be thankful for what you have because there are people who would do anything to have what you are having right now. Seek help, don’t be afraid. All you’ve got to do is live through it. It all gets better remember that.

みんなさん It ain’t Over till it’s Over 忘れないでください!!!


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